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April 19, 2021
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“Our name says it all! Shouldn’t yours?”

About the Company:

DomainTrader is a privately held Internet marketing company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company was established in April of 2000 by a group of marketing executives with extensive experience in the commercial advertising industry, and a collective interest in exploring and developing new markets on the Internet.

Specializing in the provision of marketing and promotional services, the company is committed to the development of inexpensive online advertising solutions which harness the power of the Internet to provide our customers with cost effective opportunities to access global markets for their products and services.

The company is dedicated to the creation of markets which connect buyers and sellers in various industries. By providing them with access to one another and to services designed to meet their respective needs, we are poised to become leaders in the provision of inexpensive online advertising services.

The company is in the process of developing numerous online advertising initiatives to meet the needs of businesses in various sectors of the economy. In the near future we will be launching websites which will cater to the needs of buyers and sellers involved in the destination services, fashion, home renovation and financial services industries.

Our Purpose:

DomainTrader was developed to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers of previously registered Internet domain names by providing them with increased access to one another and to the ever growing domain name aftermarket.

By creating a forum which allows vendors to advertise the domain names they want to sell, and provides prospective purchasers with unlimited free access to an inventory of the very best domain names available for sale on the aftermarket, we have created a marketplace where used domain names can be bought and sold with ease.

Why We Created DomainTrader:

Choosing the right domain name for your online business is the first step in branding your products and services in the minds of the millions and millions of potential customers available to you online. While the experts agree that short, descriptive, memorable and otherwise distinctive domain names can be invaluable in branding a business, acquiring a domain name with these characteristics is another matter entirely. When you stop to consider that there are more than 96 million top level and country code domain names already registered worldwide, you begin to realize that getting the “right” domain name for your business presents a serious challenge.

Because the demand for brand ready domain names exceeds the supply we have witnessed the emergence of a secondary market for previously owned or used domain names. Recent studies indicate that while the number of new domain name registrations has shown signs of slowing, the number of domain names being transferred between registrants is increasing at a steady rate. Next to annual renewals, domain name transfers between individuals accounts for the largest number of domain name registrations today.

We created DomainTrader to provide domain name investors with access to the domain name aftermarket. Those interested in establishing an online presence are provided with an opportunity to acquire domain names which are “right” for their businesses; and those interested in selling the domain names they own are provided with cost effective methods of doing so.

We appreciate the value of a good domain name, and understand the intricacies involved in buying, selling and transferring domain names between registrants. Our expertise allows us to provide our clients with the assurance of knowing that their domain name transfers will be handled quickly and professionally.

Our name says it all! Shouldn’t yours? A great domain name will separate you from the crowd; while a mediocre one will get you lost in it. Whether you’re selling your domain name, or you’re looking to find the right domain for your business DomainTrader is here to help.

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