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April 19, 2021
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Escrow Services

We're with you, all the way!

Once you begin to advertise the fact that your domain names are for sale, its only going to be a matter of time until you sell one of them. When you do, we'll be there to help you close the sale.

We take the risk out of buying and selling domain names by providing our customers with access to affordable escrow services designed to protect their legal rights and financial interests. No matter what side of the deal you're on, you'll enjoy the added comfort of knowing that we'll be acting on your behalf to insure that your rights are protected.

Use of this service is optional. Buyers and sellers are always welcome to make their own arrangements when transferring and reregistering their domain names. However, because there is an element of risk involved in these types of transactions we do recommend that you use our escrow services.

Here's how it works. When a sale occurs, we have the purchaser forward the payment for the domain name they intend to buy directly to DomainTrader. When the payment is received and the funds have been confirmed, we will instruct the seller to initiate the transfer of the domain name to the purchasing party. Once the purchaser is satisfied that the domain name has been transferred, and that they have complete and exclusive control of the domain name, DomainTrader will forward the proceeds of the sale to the vendor.

The cost of this service varies depending upon the domain extension being conveyed and the consideration paid for the domain name. At a minimum, the cost of this service is $25.00 but varies according to the variables noted above. Your name will be registered with the registrar of your choice or with one of the many ICANN certified registrars we are associated with. In all cases one year will be added to the existing registration period of the domain name in question. While generally paid by the purchaser, our fees can be paid by the seller, or the parties may agree to split the cost of this service.

All users of this service must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in our Escrow Services Agreement. If you are interested in using this service please contact one of our customer service representatives who will be happy to provide you with a quote on the cost of transferring your domain name.

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